Interior design


Home staging is a powerful marketing tool used by the real estate industry. By employing the same techniques in the sale of your boat, you can expect to sell quickly and at a good price.

Narrowboat interior staged for sale

Prepare for sale

An entire refit of your boat is impractical and unnecessary at the point when you decide to sell. But it does make good financial sense to ensure it appeals to the maximum number of buyers.

A plan to sell

We work with you to visualise your boat through the eyes of your buyer. How can we make it appealing to a large audience?

Existing furnishings

Often, there are plenty of your own belongings which will already work on the boat. A few simple changes can make all the difference.

Additional decor

Our packages include the hire of any additional furnishings that will help your boat sell. Our aim is to create a boat on which your buyers can immediately visualise themselves.

Staging day

On staging day, we style your boat ready for the photographs. This is the day on which your boat emerges with a new look which will appeal to lots of buyers.

before home staging for boats After home staging interior design for boats

Is your boat show-ready?

These techniques are not about masking a boat’s flaws or hiding anything from prospective buyers. They are all about presenting the boat as if it were a showhome, in the same way that housebuilders do.

Most importantly, we help you avoid the biggest mistakes of boat selling which can alienate buyers:

Out-dated furnishings (or none)

Cluttered appearance

Personalised flourishes

Boat staging in bedroom for Skipperlings
Staging a narrowboat for sale

Boat staging

More viewings

In a crowded marketplace, buyers are overwhelmed with choice. A listing which shines out from all the others in its price bracket will generate much more interest.

Motivated buyers

Boat buyers want something that they can enjoy from day one. A boat which looks good is always going to be desirable, even if the buyer intends to do work to it later on.

Easier sales

Boat sales are easier if you can avoid trying to convince buyers that they can change things. Let the appeal of your boat speak for itself.

Why boat staging works

First impressions count.

Estate agents tell us that house buyers make up their minds about a home within a few seconds and of course it’s exactly the same with boat sales.

The final decision about whether to put in an offer obviously involves an assessment of all the engineering, systems, costs and maintenance – the nuts and bolts of a boat – but there’s no denying that kerb (mooring?) appeal wins hands-down when it comes to attracting buyers.

This is brilliant news for any seller who uses boat staging to raise the profile of their own boat and get the best possible sale price.

Ready to sell your boat?

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